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  • statutory and HR Compliance management

    Fulfill your statutory compliance requirements with the help of a regulated, effective and intelligent management system with us.

  • VENDOR AUDIT (Vendor Quality Control )

    Execute the vendor quality control assessment with excellent, smart and value-adding appraisal systems that include effectual talent acquisition strategies

  • Payroll Management

    Create an exclusively smooth, unrestrained and timely payroll management systems and process that add value to the business and the employees all at once.

Labournet Brings You Value

Not only do we work to offer our clients a diverse range of human recourse compliance and audit management services, we also labor relentlessly to craft solutions that match all the unique needs of the clients. Every service proposition we offer begins with you.

Statutory and HR Compliancy Management

One of the most fundamental aspects that a business must get right to become the best in the vertical is to manage the statutory and compliance requirements effectively. There’s no doubt that pulling it off requires diligent efforts and domain expertise. This is a major challenge faced by most companies, and our carefully drafted HR compliance audit service offerings can help you.

Vendor Audit

It is to prevent any kind of lawsuits or prosecutions that a business carries out effective assessment of its business policies and procedures. Over the years, Labournet has been on the forefront offering a wide range of customized vendor audit services to clients of diverse size and operating capacity. We are committed to offer timely assessment and audits as you need.

Payroll Management

Payroll management is a huge responsibility of a company—not only towards its employees but also towards various income tax and government bodies. We can help you create effective and intelligent payroll management processes and propositions as per the requirements of the clients. With accurate payroll management services offerings, we deliver all your expectations, Always.

Our Clients

Our service deliverance firmly footed on conviction and quality has endowed us with the following clientele;

Vendor Audit

One cannot raise any doubt on growth being the most important aspect that a business must focus on. Having understood this, we work on diverse levels and verticals of a business to help them create newer growth strategies and market expansion plans. Not only that, we are adept in assessing a glut of demands of the business to make the strategies better.

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